Is a platform for interdisciplinary feminist research to develop understandings of the interconnections between time and community. Time is investigated not a neutral container for social life, but as a source of values, concepts and

from: ‘Further Considerations on Afrofuturism’, Kodwo Eshun, 2003

“Afrofuturism studies the appeals that black artists, musicians, critics, and writers have made to the future, in moments where any future was made difficult for them to imagine. […]
Afrofuturism may be characterized as a program for recovering the histories of counter-futures created in a century hostile to Afrodiasporic projection and as a space within which the critical work of manufacturing tools capable of intervention within the current political dis- pensation may be undertaken. […]
Afrofuturism, then, is concerned with the possibilities for intervention within the dimension of the predictive, the projected, the proleptic, the envi- sioned, the virtual, the anticipatory and the future conditional.
This implies the analysis of three distinct but partially intersecting spheres: first, the world of mathematical simulations; second, the world of informal descriptions; and third, as Gilroy points out in ‘Between Camps’, the articulation of futures within the everyday forms of the main- stream of black vernacular expression.”

Pink Floyd – What Shall We Do Now?

What shall we use to fill the empty spaces

Where waves of hunger roar?

Shall we set out across the sea of faces

In search of more and more applause?

Shall we buy a new guitar?

Shall we drive a more powerful car?