Maja Bekan

(RS/NL) is an artist and co-founder and developer of the Rotterdam based artists’ initiative ADA, Area for Debate and Art. By working with different mediums she explores the notion of free time, the use of it, its initiation, establishment and ritualisation. She received a master’s degree in Fine Art at Piet Zwart Institute & Fine Art at the University of Plymouth (2008). Recent exhibitions include: Pay Attention, Please. Milan, IT (2012); Secret Powers for Identity, Security and Self-Respect in Troubling Times vol.3 (solo) in The Art Gallery, KCB, Belgrade RS (2012); Secret Powers for Identity, Security and Self-Respect in Troubling Times vol.2 (solo), Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven, NL (2011); If you say it loud and clear, I might understand (solo), Remont, Belgrade, RS (2010); Florida, TENT, as a part of the collective ADA, Rotterdam, NL (2010)

Simone van Hulst

(1987) lives in Rotterdam. In 2009 she finished the Master Literary Studies at Leiden University, with a thesis on ‘prefab-literature’ in the Netherlands. In august 2012 year she completed the Research Master Gender & Ethnicity at Utrecht University with a thesis that was titled ‘Towards an Ethics of the Unimaginable: Feminism, Literary Thinking, and the Question of Relating Differently’. Her areas of interest are literature, philosophy, feminist theory, psychoanalysis, science, rhetoric and posthumanism with a specific focus on the dynamics or possible entanglements of science and the humanities. While starting a PhD she earns her money with proofreading, editing, translating, organizing and writing.

Annette Krauss

(based in Utrecht/NL) works as an artist. Her conceptual-based practice revolves around (institutionalized) normalization processes that shape our bodies, the way we use objects, engage in social practices and how these influence the way we know and act in the world. Her artistic work emerges through the intersection of different media, such as performance, film, research, pedagogy and texts. Krauss has (co-) initiated various long-term collaborative practices (Hidden Curriculum / Read-in / ASK! / Read the Masks. Tradition is Not Given.) These projects reflect and build upon the potential of collaborative practices while aiming at disrupting taken for granted “truths” in theory and practice.