When is the Mall?

Within a week of workshops, walks and journeys through Hoog Catharijne, various research groups were exploring different temporalities, experiences of time and 
pace, as a means of traversing the seemingly overwhelming superstructure of the mall. ‘When is the Mall?’ is initiated by a group of art students from HKU Utrecht within the framework of the School of Temporalities.

With Goof Kloosterman, Emily Huurdeman, Maaike Jaspers, Milda Navickyte, Tim Hollander, Robin Taal, Naama Zusman, Jurga Zelvyte. Assistance: Lucie von Eugen


tim online 2-1

‘Excuse Me, What Time Are You?’ < workshop with Tim Hollander

What is the average speed of a shopping bag? How quickly can your legs move you if you need to catch a train? During this workshop we explore ways of counting time in the mall, researching the time that people, animals and objects spend in the mall, their tempo and directions. In what ways can we map our times differently?


And the Plants are Watered … ? > with with Naama Zusman

From the heart of the water system, this guided walk led us to different irrigation systems in Hoog Catharijne. We visited important water connections and gained insight on the elaborate timetable for plant-watering in the mall.

foto emily

Lost and Found > with Emily Huurdeman

In this guided walk we followed the path of lost items in the mall, e.g. in the parking garage, in different shops or collected by the security. Where do they go and how long do they remain where, guarded by whom? What are the spirits of these items? Do they tell mall stories?


Thanks to Asito, BAM, Corio, Trigion.
Participation is free. Conversation will be in English and Dutch.
All events start at the information point from Call of the Mall.
Check dates or download the full program as pdf



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